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Mike Hoffman injured while dodging a check

Published November 15, 2021 at 8:43

Mike Hoffman did not participate in Sunday night's game against the Boston Bruins because of an upper body injury.

Many people are wondering when this injury occurred on Saturday night, during the game against the Detroit Red Wings. While digging around on Twitter, I came across a video that shows the sequence in question.

It is while dodging a shoulder strike from the excellent young defenseman, Moritz Seider, that the maverick got injured. We see him get rid of the disc and try to settle down to avoid taking the shoulder hit.

We're talking, but if he had taken the "check" in a straightforward and fearless manner, maybe he wouldn't have suffered that infamous upper body injury, which seems to be in the shoulder area!

That being said, Mike Hoffman's case will be re-evaluated today, so more details should be available later today.
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