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Dominique Ducharme gave the right information about Jo Drouin

Published November 15, 2021 at 8:40

After the loss to the Boston Bruins on Sunday night, Dominique Ducharme gave a complete update on Jonathan Drouin.

The Quebecer has been given the green light by his doctors, but he is not fully comfortable making a return to the game.

Jo Drouin is not suffering from a concussion, which is good news, but he is afraid to return to action.

According to Ducharme's report, number 92 is expected to suit up on Tuesday when the Tricolore travels to New York to face the Rangers.

I imagine that Alex Belzile will be out of the lineup to make room for Jonathan Drouin. Because in my eyes, Michael Pezzetta deserves to continue his stay in Montreal, doesn't he?
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