Mike Hoffman's attitude problem is not off the ice

Published October 1, 2021 at 11:10

On July 28, Mike Hoffman signed a three-year, $13.5 million deal with the Montreal Canadiens. Many fanatics were delighted with this major addition to revive a power play unit that was a bit sleepy.

However, many wondered about Hoffman's attitude, who has had a bad reputation since the junior ranks. When he was a junior, Peter DeBoer quit, Benoit Groulx quit and even Guy Boucher came close to kicking him out.

At that time, he was playing for the Drummondville Voltigeurs since Dominic Ricard, general manager at the time, got him in return for a high pick. The coaches had to push Hoffman WITHOUT stopping him because of his lack of effort... and his particular style of play. He played like he was on an outdoor rink.

"Mike Hoffman, he wasn't a crook off the ice. Not at all. With him, it wasn't about drinking, it wasn't about him skipping all the curfews. It wasn't that kind of management that he was asking us to do. It was a management of consistency in his effort." - Dominic Ricard

The former Voltigeurs GM also warned the Montreal media about Mike Hoffman:

"The Montreal media, you will get to know him. Mike, he is hard to break through. It's not easy to get words and opinions out of him. It was a long process (the discussion with Daniel Briere to bring him to Drummondville). Daniel told him that he had been taken care of in Drummond, that the team was going to take care of him and that he should give himself one last chance. He eventually decided to come, but it didn't happen with a snap of the fingers."

So, while not a bad person, Hoffman is a special person who is a "high maintenance" for his coaches. On that note, good luck, Dom Ducharme!
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