Michel Therrien finally reveals the truth about his relationship with P.K. Subban

Published September 21, 2022 at 1:27 PM

Since the announcement of P.K. Subban's retirement, many tributes have been pouring in on social networks from former teammates, and also from former coaches who led the flamboyant defenseman during his 13 season NHL career.

Among the coaches who had the chance to have the number 76 in their lineup, we find Michel Therrien. Therrien coached him for four seasons with the Habs and it was rumored that the relationship between the two men was strained.

However, Therrien, who is now part of the TVA Sports team, wanted to correct the situation during his appearance on La Poche Bleue at noon.

"First of all, I want to make one thing clear to everyone. Many people thought we didn't have a good relationship, but I loved coaching P.K. Subban. It's like a racehorse, you have to lead it but you know you can win the Kentucky Derby. I like that as much as having an old "pecker" like you see in Old Montreal that you have to kick to get it going. He was a player who had natural talent and was exciting to watch play."

While it is true that there was some tension between the two, Therrien mentioned that he was able to get the best out of his defenseman and that he probably played the best hockey of his career in a Habs uniform.

"The thing I remember about P.K. Subban is that he played his best hockey in Montreal. He was excited about the Montreal market. We had to calm him down at times. You had to make sure he got back in line often. As a coach, it was my job to make sure P.K. was focused on performing. I asked the players to make sure they earned the respect of their teammates. That was the most important thing to me. You have to do the right thing on the ice, off the ice and in the dressing room. Without the respect of others, you're not much."

Later in the interview, the former Habs coach mentioned that he was disappointed to see Subban announce his retirement at the age of 33 since the latter had the talent to have an even more prolific career.

I've never interfered with a player's contract negotiations. I know Geoff Molson was involved at the end of P.K.'s contract negotiations. Honestly, I still find it disappointing that a player with such great potential would announce his retirement at 33. It shows that maybe the priorities were not always in the right place. As far as I'm concerned, P.K. Subban should still be playing in the NHL. That's very very very young to announce his retirement."

To watch Michel Therrien's appearance on La Poche Bleue at lunch, click below.

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Michel Therrien finally reveals the truth about his relationship with P.K. Subban

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