Michel Therrien compared Kirby Dach to a former problematic Tricolore star player

Published November 8, 2022 at 2:25 PM

On TVA Sports yesterday, former NHL coach Michel Therrien made an unflattering comparison of Kirby Dach with a former top pick of the organization, Alex Galchenyuk.

Not aiming to compare the level of play of the two players, Therrien instead wanted to draw a parallel between Dach's ease and offensive release as a winger, while he was drafted as a center.

"We drafted Galchenyuk as a center, but he was never able to take off at center. When I put him at center, he was in a position where he was depersonalized, he wasn't playing the same hockey, he was on his heels. On the other hand, when I put him on the wing, I felt he was much more flexible. We saw a nice progression in his debut with the Canadiens. He even scored 30 goals." - Michel Therrien

The words of the Quebec coach, who is in a pretty good position to comment on the situation, as he was around and managed Galchenyuk when he arrived in the NHL, are very interesting to hear.

It's true that a center has more responsibility on the ice, which can hamper the offensive skills of a high draft pick, who doesn't naturally have the assets to handle his responsibilities as a center, as well as being able to create offense.

It also doesn't mean that an unblocker could eventually happen either. Dach, who is only 21 years old, still has a lot to learn. Plus, the versatility of playing both positions could become an advantage for the Habs in the long run.

If on the one hand, the Habs management thought they had finally found their second center, to back up Nick Suzuki, the deal is by no means a failure if they finally found a player capable of pairing and supporting the inseparable duo of Cole Caufield and Suzuki.

Credit: Vincent Fournier, Let's Go Habs & Marqueur
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Michel Therrien compared Kirby Dach to a former problematic Tricolore star player

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