Michel Bergeron destroys Carey Price and believes the CH has given him too much power

Published August 21, 2022 at 10:06

Following Kent Hughes' major announcement that his star goaltender Carey Price will be placed on the long-term injured list, there were many reactions (as you know)

One of the reactions that caused a lot of stir was that of TVA Sports' hockey analyst Michel Bergeron.

According to him, this is a point of no return in Price's career:

"In Price's case, it's been too long. If he doesn't play this year, it will be two years. Last year he played five games, that's not enough to maintain some fitness. We have to move on. Even though the Habs were in the Stanley Cup finals two years ago, we all know they shouldn't have made the playoffs. But that was the pandemic and a different concept..."

He takes it a step further:

"How many years have we been saying, 'The Habs are going to go as far as Carey is going to take them? We've fired five goalie coaches. Since Price has been on the job, he has always decided everything. He has decided the fate of Michel Therrien. He's decided the fate of the goalie coaches. Can you have a separate captain? It seems to me that the boat is drifting away."

Bergeron goes on to give some examples (like the Colorado Avalanche) to prove that, in his opinion, it's not a good idea to build around a goalie.

He does not mince his words and he obviously believes that it will have been a big mistake, on the part of the Habs, to build around a goalie.

Do you agree with him?

Credit: TVA Sports and GoHabsGo
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Michel Bergeron destroys Carey Price and believes the CH has given him too much power

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