Michael Pezzetta, thank you for being here!

Jeff Drouin
January 29, 2022  (8:38 PM)

While the majority of the Montreal Canadiens' players have been disappointed since the beginning of the year, there is at least one player who gives himself and his soul on the rink: Michael Pezzetta.

The 23-year-old, a former CH sixth-round pick in 2016, had an exceptional training camp, where he opened his eyes to many people.
Despite this, Pezzetta was unable to secure a position at the beginning of the year and had to start his season in Laval. In eight games with the Rocket, he has amassed six points, which has finally earned him a reminder from the big club.
Since then, the Toronto native has played 28 games in the blue-white-red uniform and has even scored four goals and two assists.
His mother, Laurie, gave a generous interview, where she recounted the first moments her son ended up with skates.
"My husband worked hard to make sure that Michael and his brother had a nice piece of ice in the backyard every winter. Michael first put on his skates when he was three years old. From then on, he never stopped loving hockey! He spent several hours a day on the family rink with his brother Stefano, who was three years older than him."
His brother is not at all surprised to see the success of Michael. According to him, his style of play would have been forged from childhood when the brothers were playing intense outside parts.
"Michael was of course the smallest and the most neglected, but I sincerely believe that he used these many jousts against the neighbors to build the grudging character that we all know about him today. And in confidence, he was able to hold his own against the older ones. He already had so much character!"
One thing is certain, with his style of play and flamboyant hair, the number 55 of the Habs is made one of the favorites of the Montreal audience.
He will however have to watch if Pezzetta keeps his place in the training when all the wounded are back, but if there is one that deserves it, it is him!
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