Michael Frolik convinced a team to offer him a PTO

Published September 17, 2021 at 3:28 PM

The St. Louis Blues have announced that they have offered a professional tryout to veterans James Neal and Michael Frolik.

Former Montreal Canadiens forward Michael Frolik will get another chance to prove he still has gas in the tank after spending most of the last campaign in the stands. However, his work ethic was impeccable as he spent his time practicing instead of feeling sorry for himself.

The 33-year-old Czech played 8 games for the Blue-White-Red in 2020-2021, not collecting any points in the process. He also played two games with the Laval Rocket in order to get back in shape.

As for James Neal, he only played 29 games last year with the Edmonton Oilers, while collecting 10 points, including 5 goals. There's still some hockey left in him, no doubt about it. The 34-year-old veteran has always found a way to produce offensively, hence his 555 points, including 294 goals, in 850 NHL games. In front of the net, he is a real poison for opposing teams, especially on the power play.
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