Luc Robitaille put some pressure on Phil Danault again

Published September 17, 2021 at 12:55

Phillip Danault chose the Los Angeles Kings on July 28 and the Kings chose Danault. You could say that because both parties are extremely excited to start a new chapter together.

The Kings want Danault to use his leadership to take the youngsters to another level. The Quebecer is known for helping his young teammates by staying on the ice with them after practice. This mentality brings the teams to another level and it's this kind of attitude that helps them win.

"It's important that our veterans lead the way. Danault will be a very important player for us. You want good veterans in your lineup. Everyone knows he's a good team guy: he stays with the kids after practice and works with them. When you want to build a winning club, you can't put a price on that. We were really interested in him. - Luc Robitaille

Then, in a way, Danault will be able to live under the hot California sun without being called out at any time. He won't have to be in front of the media all the time, which will certainly take a ton of pressure off his shoulders. This facet will allow him to focus on the mission the Kings have given him, which is to grow the colts.

"I told him that when you get on the ice, the pressure is the same. You want to perform and win. The only difference is for his family. Here in Los Angeles, there are 11 professional teams with soccer, soccer and baseball leagues. For Quebecers, it's not the same in Montreal. There, he won't have to speak at every press conference, after every game, or after every practice. But the pressure to win is the same. You have to help the team win." - Robitaille

In short, you can say that Danault arrived in L.A. with a ton of pressure because every time Luc Robitaille leaves the game, he presses the "pressure" button. You have to perform, Phil!
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