Maxim Lapierre solidly criticized Jeff Petry on Saturday night!

Published January 30, 2022 at 9:53

The Montreal Canadiens played a rather tasteless game on Saturday night against the Edmonton Oilers. Dominique Ducharme's team was crushed by a score of 7-2.

In addition to the loss, a very unfortunate event occurred when Samuel Montembeault was tackled behind his net by the colossal Zack Kassian.

The result? NO player who was on the ice went to defend his goalie, even though Jeff Petry saw the sequence in front of him...

Petry did go to Kassian, but he doesn't seem to have said a word to him. If he did, he didn't say it out loud. A total lack of leadership and courage.

According to number 26, he did not see the contact, which I recall was right in front of him. IMPOSSIBLE that he did not see it.

Here is a proof:


The main guy admitted that he should have reacted differently, even though he didn't see the contact, just like the other players who were on the ice.

"I didn't see the contact, I just saw Montembeault fall to the ground. Looking back, I might have reacted differently. I'm not the type of person who wants to fight or do that kind of thing. It was my responsibility and the responsibility of the other players on the ice to stand up and defend our teammate."

Following the contact, Maxim Lapierre made a point of expressing his feelings about Jeff Petry's behavior. He didn't mince words about the American defenseman. Petry must ABSOLUTELY leave, according to him.

"It's shameful, it's just shameful! Right now, Montembeault is wondering if the guys like him or not. Petry is on vacation, he has an "A" on his jersey. This is the same player who was yelling at others on the bench a few months ago. This is the same player who doesn't practice hard in practice. As far as I'm concerned, Jeff Petry has to go tomorrow morning."

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