Maxim Lapierre has solidly picked up the IIHF

Published December 24, 2021 at 2:09 PM

The International Ice Hockey Federation have announced that they have cancelled ALL of their January 2022 events due to the rise in COVID-19 cases. That includes the Women's World Under-18.

The competition was scheduled to get underway on January 8. However, the IIHF has kept the Men's World Junior Hockey Championship alive. A little injustice here? Clearly!

The head of the Swedish hockey association, Anders Larsson, respects the decision, even if his words imply a great disappointment, which is legitimate.

"The Women's Under-18 World Cup is an important part of strengthening women's ice hockey, but that said, we greatly respect and understand the decision, made because of the picture of the pandemic around the world."

Maxim Lapierre also took the opportunity to pick on the IIHF, following their decision to cancel the January events, including the Women's World Cup. According to him, the IIHF clearly lacks leadership.

"Change starts with leaders. You just missed another opportunity for leadership."

It is indeed a decision that leaves many confused. There is obviously a touch of favoritism on the part of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

Remember that the second division men's hockey world championships have also been cancelled.
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