Maxim Lapierre did not hesitate to destroy Jonathan Toews

Published October 30, 2021 at 3:21 PM

Maxim Lapierre didn't hold back when it came to the sexual assault of Kyle Beach, who saw his teammates at the time and the organization do nothing for him...

"It's disgusting. It's unthinkable. I can't believe it. You can judge Joel Quenneville, you can judge Stan Bowman, but as a former player, I'm going to judge the 20 players that are in the locker room."

Lapierre, who was completely enraged on the set of JiC, has no respect for Jonathan Toews anymore, a player he copiously admired before the drama was revealed.

"He's been a guy I've respected my whole career, but that's over today. He's the captain, it's up to him to take charge. Yes, these are hard things to do, but they are things to do. If you're a leader, you do it."

He also didn't shy away from pointing out that people he knows would have stepped up to the plate in the immediate future.

"The people I know in my entourage, whether it is Guillaume Latendresse, whether it is me, Patrice Brisebois, Francis Bouillon, Steve Bégin. They would have stood up those guys. I can guarantee it."

The former agitator is quite right when he says that they are champions on the ice, but far from it off the ice. It's amazing how stupid the players were to act this way!
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