Elvis Merzlikins' humane act upsets some

Published October 30, 2021 at 1:10 PM

On Friday night, the New York Rangers were hosting the Columbus Blue Jackets, when friends Igor Shesterkin and Elvis Merzlikins were playing against each other.

It was at the end of this duel that an unexpected situation arose when Merzlikins instructed his defensemen to hold the puck and run out the final seconds for Shesterkin to earn his first career shutout.

He then saluted his counterpart for the achievement. A classy move, to be sure, true to Merzlikins, but this one didn't go over well, obviously.

Here's the situation in question:

If this one bothered anyone, it was because of the state of the Jackets' goaltender, who should have been more frustrated by this 4-0 shutout loss. Anyway, the gesture comes from a person full of value and we can't help but find it beautiful, can we?
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