Martin St-Louis sends a message to Kent Hughes and every NHL general managers

Published February 27, 2022 at 7:48 PM

The famous NHL trade deadline approaches, and Artturi Lehkonen's name is circulating a lot in trade rumors, and he is doing everything to increase his value.

Several experts even wonder if the Habs wouldn't do better to simply keep him.

One thing is certain, the head coach of the Canadiens Martin St-Louis clearly sent a message yesterday, in a press conference, after the win of his team.

St-Louis seems to like Lehkonen a lot and he made quite a plea yesterday:

«He's a guy who plays the right way. He's a guy who takes care of the team. Defensively, he is an excellent hockey player. Offensively, he sees the game. It's fun to see guys being rewarded with goals. It gives them confidence, especially since Lehky always thinks of the team before his personal interests, always. Even earlier he could have had a hat trick in the empty net but he made the right play to secure the win for the guys. We can never have too many players like him." -Martin St-Louis

Still according to the coach of the Canadians, the Finn really has its importance for the success of the club in the long term:

«Guys like Lehkonen are important He will never try to cheat on offense without taking care of his defense. When they are rewarded like this, they gain value. It's trust. Trust is value. We have a lot of players like that and Lehkonen is a leader in that department." -Martin St-Louis

The head coach of the Canadiens sent a message to Kent Hughes, but also to the other GMs of the NHL teams. Lehkonen is expensive.

If he ever leaves Montreal, we feel that the return will have to be considerable and worth it.

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