A former Habs believes that Kent Hughes should buyout the contract of an important forward

Published February 27, 2022 at 3:33 PM

While the majority of speculation and rumors currently made concern potential upcoming trades (with the deadline fast approaching), former Habs and analyst at L'Antichambre, Vincent Damphousse, made a surprising and controversial proposal.

If the Canadiens actually want to acquire one or two big players when the free agent market opens, as reported by Pierre LeBrun, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton will have to make room on the payroll.

As Damphousse said last night, the Habs payroll is the highest in the entire NHL and therefore Kent Hughes will have to buy out a few contracts.

«To do that, you need to free up cap, you have no room. When everyone comes back, you don't have room. You've got guys, you've got Armia, you've got Byron... All those guys who make $2-3 million, it adds up and at some point, you can't keep everyone. You have to clear some guys, maybe even buy out some contracts. You were talking about Drouin, he has one year left after this year, maybe that's the decision, it's to buy out his contract, because if you're not able to complete it by the deadline .... What is most important between now and the end of the year for free agents, you need money, it becomes essential for the club." -Vincent Damphousse

Do you think it's a good idea to buy out Jonathan Drouin's contract? That would be a huge move and I wouldn't do it, but hey... what do you say?

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