Martin St-Louis refuses to answer a question from François Gagnon

Published June 1, 2022 at 11:32

This is the news of the day for the Habs, as the organization announced this morning that head coach Martin St-Louis has signed a three-year contract in Montreal.

A great news.

As is always the case with coaching contracts, the length of the contract has been publicly disclosed, but the salary is not publicly disclosed.

However, during the press conference delivered by St-Louis in the last few seconds, the journalist François Gagnon asked him directly the question. (namely what is his salary)

- "If I may add another (question), I'll play devil's advocate for everyone. As a player the salaries are known, as a coach, it takes half a day to find out (before there is a leak of secret information), are you ready to lift the veil right away and say how much you signed for?" - François Gagnon

- "No" - Martin St-Louis

"OK" - François Gagnon

Martin St-Louis therefore refused to answer.

Despite this, François Gagnon put forward an amount:

"Martin St.Louis refuses to lift the veil on the salary obtained for his 3 season contract at the helm of the #CH. It's fair game. It'll come out in the next few hours but initial speculation suggests it would hover between $2.5M and $3M per season." - Francois Gagnon

Do you consider this to be relevant information?

Anyway, for Martin St-Louis' full press briefing (the exchange with Gagnon is around the 9 minute mark):

The RDS reporter also asked two other good questions.

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Martin St-Louis refuses to answer a question from François Gagnon

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