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Martin Biron makes a SHOCKING statement about the Canadiens in the Cole Caufield file

Published November 24, 2021 at 8:05 PM

Did the Habs went too fast in the Cole Caufield file? That's the question many are asking. His lack of offensive production has many concerned and many believe that the Tricolore should have left Caufield in the American Hockey League with the Rocket.

Martin Biron, in an interview with 91.9 Sports, made a shocking statement about the Canadiens in this matter. The former Sabres goaltender mentioned that he did not trust the CH in the development of the young American forward.

That's a pretty big statement! Should fans be worried? Well, even without Biron's statement, you only have to look at the players that have been selected in the first round by the CH since the 2000s. It's quite disturbing...

Will the number 22 of the Tricolore be able to turn things around and become a player that can have a big impact on the performance of his team? Let's hope so! The Habs need him to restore the image of their franchise.
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