Marc Bergevin was aim by the descriptor of the Canadiens games

Published January 20, 2022 at 9:06

Félix Séguin appeared on the podcast La Dose, guided by JP Bertrand, and then landed with strong arguments about the «non-culture» of the Montreal Canadiens organization for too long.

Canadiens game descriptor of the network TVA Sports liked the presence and explanations of Kent Hughes, who joined Seguin on several points. Among other things, the culture, something that the Habs no longer has.

Hughes's main mission remains to establish a culture within this group and the gentleman seems genuinely determined to succeed. As Séguin wisely pointed out, with his glass of warm milk in hand, the CH has been shooting right and left for years. We were shooting in every direction.

In recent years, we have gone from a fast team, to a more «heavy» team, to a more physical team and so on. By the way, we didn't care if we changed direction because we were relying on Carey Price.

This team must return to tradition: pride, determination, commitment and talent.

If we ask who the Montreal Canadiens are, we are unable to agree on an identity. While those of Bruins or Caps are very impregnated, and this, for a very long time.

In short, what I also remember from Séguin remains this sentence: "I have the impression that, with Kent Hughes, the Canadiens will finally find himself an identity."

He doesn't want to throw stones at anyone, but Marc Bergevin can read between the lines too...
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