Major statement regarding the relationship between PK Subban and Max Pacioretty

Published November 13, 2022 at 4:31 PM

It is well known that during his time with the Habs, defenseman P.K. Subban was not unanimous in the dressing room.

Because of his exuberance and his love for media attention, some of his teammates did not appreciate the eccentric side of number 76. If there was one person well placed in the team's entourage to witness all this, it is Pierre Gervais.

The former Habs equipment manager and now 98.5 columnist in Montreal was on Les Amateurs de sports with host Mario Langlois. Gervais made a revelation about the relationship between Subban and one of the Canadiens' stars at the time.

According to him, it wasn't love at first sight between the number 76 and a certain Max Pacioretty. Without saying that the two men hated each other, let's just say that they were poles apart and would not have been seen together at the same table.

"You wouldn't have seen them at the same table at the restaurant. It wasn't true love!"

Honestly, Pacioretty surely wasn't the only Habs player who had trouble with Subban. This may have been one of the reasons why Marc Bergevin traded him to the Nashville Predators in June 2016 for a certain Shea Weber.

But regardless, when Subban and Pacioretty were at the top of their game, the Habs were one of the best teams in the NHL between 2013 and 2016.

Sure, the team could count on a certain Carey Price in front of the net, but the fact remains that for many young Canadiens fans, those were the best years they witnessed and hopefully we can relive that era, with current headliners like Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield.

To listen to Pierre Gervais' appearance on 98.5, click on the link below:

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Major statement regarding the relationship between PK Subban and Max Pacioretty

Who had the bigger impact during their stay with the Habs?

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