New details emerge in the Mitchell Miller case, and it's causing a huge stir among fans

Published November 13, 2022 at 3:00 PM

It's been nearly a week since the Boston Bruins severed their ties with controversial defenseman Mitchell Miller. The controversy they created when they signed the 20-year-old to a National Hockey League contract seems to have died down considerably.

It's clear now that Miller will never get a chance to fulfill the contract he signed with the Bruins a little over a week ago, but that doesn't mean the Bruins can now simply sweep their mistake under the rug. Recent reports indicate that the Bruins will have to pay the player a significant amount of money.

In a recent article for the New York Post, Larry Brooks, an NHL informant, revealed that he believed Miller would receive his AHL salary this season while he quietly sits at home. A pretty good deal for the youngster given that he is receiving a salary of $82,500 per year. That will only be a drop in the bucket, however, as Brooks says he believes the Bruins will be forced to buy out Miller's deal next summer, a buyout that would net Miller $516,615 plus a guaranteed $285,000 in signing bonuses.

This information from Brooks was echoed Saturday night by Jeff Marek of Jeff Marek who, during the broadcast of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Vancouver Canucks game, made similar comments. Marek included a caveat that a deal could be struck between the Bruins, the NHL and the National Hockey League Players Association, although he also admitted that a buyout was the more likely of the two scenarios.

"The NHL, the Players Association and the Miller camp could come to some sort of agreement on what to do with the contract, how to terminate it and what the compensation would be. But earlier today, I was told that none of those conversations have taken place yet."

"What might be more likely is that Miller stays in the AHL, earns his salary in the AHL... And, then, during the offseason, he'll be bought out at one-third of the remaining two years on that contract... That would be the NHL contract, not the AHL Contract." - Jeff Marek

As a result, this will prove to be
not only an embarrassing moment for the Bruins, but also expensive.
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New details emerge in the Mitchell Miller case, and it's causing a huge stir among fans

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