Major statement about Carey and Angela Price's intentions

Published February 20, 2022 at 5:17 PM

TSN 690 host, Tony Marinaro, addressed the Carey Price situation on the latest episode of his Sick Podcast, with Stu Cowan, of the Montreal Gazette.

According to his information, Carey Price really wanted to go to Seattle, when Marc Bergevin decided not to protect him, just before the Kraken's most recent expansion draft. Number 31 really thought he was going to be selected by Seattle and that's what he wanted, according to Marinaro, who sent a clear message to Canadiens fans:

«Carey wanted to play for the Seattle Kraken. Anyone who doesn't believe that is either naive or, with no disrespect, incredibly stupid. He was the Canadiens goaltender for 15 years. Anyone in his place would also have wanted to leave Montreal." -Tony Marinaro

Stu Cowan added this:

«He was disappointed (not to leave), his wife was disappointed. He is no longer happy in Montreal. A few years ago, Carey Price said he had trouble buying groceries for fear of being recognized. He couldn't go anywhere without being recognized." -Stu Cowan

We are talking here about two well-connected sources in the community. Do you believe it? In the end, remember that Seattle ignored Carey and preferred to draft young defender Cale Fleury.

We know the rest, the star goalie is still not close to a return to the game.

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Credit: Marqueur.com
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