Major: official statement from Chantal Machabée regarding Pierre Gervais

Published November 22, 2022 at 2:13 PM

As you probably already know, Pierre Gervais' book continues to cause a huge stir.

In addition to the media, it is now a hot topic within the CH organization itself. (and in the locker room)

Last night, several members of the organization attended the launch of Pierre Gervais' book, including Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton and Martin St-Louis, from the club's current edition. However, nine players from the CH's current team were supposed to be present as well, but none of them showed up.

So it was the excellent Chantal Machabée who had to face the music, and she agreed to make a statement.

As usual, she was very transparent and direct.

"There was discomfort, that's obvious. The players were bombarded with questions [after the morning practice]. For tonight's event [Monday], their attendance was on a voluntary basis, it wasn't mandatory.

The players love Pierre Gervais, but the players loved Dominique Ducharme and Marc Bergevin. They had respect for those guys. So it put the players in a funny situation." - Chantal Machabée

This confirms that there is unfortunately a certain discomfort in the Montreal Canadiens' dressing room. It also confirms that the players' absence is not a coincidence.

In any case, let's salute Chantal for this honest statement, which answers our questions.

Let's remember that despite everything, the CH players love "Gerv" and they continue to respect him a lot.

There is only a certain uneasiness at the moment, and to see the Montreal Canadiens' vice-president of hockey communications put it in a more general way is major and reminds us how much the organization has changed and is much more transparent.

Credit: Keven Mawn, Fanadiens

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Major: official statement from Chantal Machabée regarding Pierre Gervais

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