Major: it would be 12 million dollars for goaltender Samuel Montembeault

Published November 24, 2023 at 10:35

At the moment, the biggest file on General Manager Kent Hughes' desk is certainly that of the goaltenders, especially with the ongoing three-way situation.

Everyone knows that a trade will eventually resolve everything, everyone knows that they cannot keep three goaltenders all season, but when will this trade happen? Which one will be traded?

What may decide everything is the status of Samuel Montembeault, who will be a free agent next summer unless he signs a contract extension by then.

These contract negotiations are therefore very important and are directly linked to the upcoming trade of a CH goaltender.

Major Development Concerning Montembeault's Next Contract

According to what Réjean Tremblay reports this morning, in his column on the BPM Sports website, Montembeault's camp would be asking for four million dollars per year.

That would be the price!

At 4 million per year, Montembeault would therefore be well paid, even when compared to most of the starting goaltenders in the NHL this season.

Knowing that Jake Allen makes 3.85 million per season, do Montembeault's demands mean that he sees himself as the number one? Do the Canadiens think the same? Many questions are raised notably here.

Also, is Kent Hughes willing to pay nearly 8 million per year for goalie duo? That's a lot.

«But the real question is much more crucial. Do Jeff Gordon and Kent Hughes believe that Samuel Montembeault can be a number one?

As simple as that. And if they think otherwise, then expect Montembeault to be traded in the coming months.»

- Réjean Tremblay

We are eager to have all the answers, but we have at least one today. The price to sign Montembeault would therefore be 4 million per year. (that's 12 million over three years or 16 million over four years)

Knowing that two renowned insiders were really talking about a three-season contract earlier this week, it would therefore be 12 million over three years. (4M$ AAV)

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Major: it would be 12 million dollars for goaltender Samuel Montembeault

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