Major finding with Kirby Dach which is the subject of much discussion since yesterday

Published December 11, 2022 at 7:20 PM

In preparation for yesterday's game against the Los Angeles Kings and due to the injury to Sean Monahan who is currently sidelined, Martin St-Louis chose to break up his first line and put Kirby Dach at the center of the second unit.

To compensate, Josh Anderson found himself on the first line with Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki.

However, the experiment lasted only two periods, as with the Kings trailing 2-0, the head coach decided to reunite his first trio, putting Dach back with the two inseparables.

Result of the change?

After two periods where the duo of Caufield and Suzuki were rather invisible with Anderson, when Dach joined them, the trio was reborn.

Their presences on the ice were again felt by long moments in the offensive zone, which even resulted in the almost goal of number 22 and another that really counted at the end of the game.

The conclusion that can be made from this game is the following: the plan of the Habs is still to develop Dach at the center, but it becomes very difficult to take him out of the first trio, not only because he is less efficient when he was back at the center, but also because he complements the two companions wonderfully.

Also, with yesterday's game, we could notice that Kirby Dach is not only a third wheel on this trio, but he also brings several very positive elements, which perfectly complement the game of Caufield and Suzuki, which Anderson simply cannot provide, due to his lack of hockey talent and intelligence.

It must be said, as soon as the number 77 joined the two stars of the club on the first trio, we saw again the threatening, creative trio that is made the puck move very well in the offensive zone.

Clearly, Kent Hughes acquired the former third overall pick in 2019 to fill the second center spot on the roster. However, we have to make the observation with the example of last night's game, that Dach is the missing piece of the puzzle to play on the first line!

Even if this leaves the second center position vacant in the future, to have found a player who can make the Caufield-Suzuki duo better is just as important to the organization, as if Dach had truly been the center behind the captain.

At least now Hughes knows what he needs to find in his future trades or in the next draft.
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Major finding with Kirby Dach which is the subject of much discussion since yesterday

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