A pressing trade involving Joel Edmundson?

Published December 11, 2022 at 5:11 PM

Now that a quarter of the regular season has passed in the NHL, we are starting to get a general idea of where the Habs are headed in the coming weeks.

If we are not talking about the possibility that the Habs can qualify for the playoffs, the fact remains that head coach Martin St-Louis has imposed his style of play and let's say that some of his players are doing pretty well, especially Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield.

But there are others for whom it's a little less obvious and among the skaters who don't really seem to fit into St-Louis' system, we find defenseman Joel Edmundson.

After missing the start of the season, #44 has played 17 games and while he's never been known for his offensive prowess, he's only recorded three points and has a -7 rating.

On the other hand, TVA Sports host Jean-Charles Lajoie wonders if Martin St-Louis' system of play is making the veteran defenseman look bad right now.

"Joel Edmundson on top. Edmundson's style is much more modeled after Shea Weber's, back in the day, than Cale Makar's, say. He's less suited to the concept that Coach St. Louis is calling for.

Is he trying to make Edmundson look bad, struggling to fit in? It's not a matter of timing to find. If his back was that bad, he wouldn't be playing. The Habs aren't in a bad spot."

Despite his offensive shortcomings, the fact remains that Joel Edmundson leads the Habs with an average of 10.06 blocked shots per 60 minutes of use.

However, he also leads in turnovers per three periods with an average of 5.14 and still according to Lajoie, Edmundson's problem is simply that he does not find himself in the patterns requested, unlike what the veteran is used to offering.

"There are still 'coaches' elsewhere in the National League who want a Joel Edmundson. Fewer and fewer, but there are still some. Kent Hughes needs to reach out to their general managers and fast, because Edmundson's value is dropping like a stone."

Do you also believe there is a rush in this case?

That said, if Kent Hughes ever wants to trade his veteran defenseman, he will have to find a dance partner and this, as quickly as possible according to the journalist but knowing the flair of the DG of the Habs, he will probably succeed, once again, to go for maximum value in a possible transaction.

Do you think he will be the next player traded by Kent Hughes? What would you do if that was your decision?

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A pressing trade involving Joel Edmundson?

Will Kent Hughes trade Joel Edmundson in the coming weeks?

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