Major development regarding a possible monster trade involving Alexis Lafrenière

Published December 30, 2022 at 12:11

On Thursday night, Gerard Gallant caused a surprise in the hockey world when he scratched Alexis Lafrenière from the Rangers' roster. It didn't take much to create a commotion on social networks and the rumors, or rather wishes, of a trade came out.

According to Ali Murji's report, the Rangers have indeed received calls for a trade involving Lafreniere, which is obviously a major development, but the New York GM would not necessarily be ready to part with him at any cost for the moment.

There definitely seems to be a gap between the player and the coach and the young Quebecer could very well be the price to pay for a missing piece to the lineup to help them at the trade deadline.

Source tells me teams have started calling on #NYRá Alexis Lafrenière, doesn't look like any move is coming in the next few days though. Also told if a deal were to happen the Rangers are looking for a first round pick and/or a top end player."

Murji is responsible for several retro jerseys leaks that were confirmed after he reported them, so he's a proven source. It only remains to be seen if his sources are also good at hockey!

It should also be noted that Murji states that these are the Rangers' requests and not what they will necessarily receive. It will be interesting to see what happens next in this matter...

A few days ago, Brian Wilde proposed that the CH use the Florida Panthers' unprotected 1st pick to acquire Lafreniere. Out of nearly 3,000 votes cast, almost 74% of respondents preferred keeping the Panthers' first round pick over a potential acquisition of Lafreniere.

In 171 games so far, Lafreniere has 69 points and another 9 points in 20 playoff games. His production has not reached the expected heights for which he was drafted, but he has still been a great NHL player in his first two and a half seasons.
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Major development regarding a possible monster trade involving Alexis Lafrenière

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