Major development regarding Sidney Crosby Ahead of game 7

Published May 14, 2022 at 12:33

In game five of the series between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Rangers, forward Sidney Crosby was shaken up by the contact with Jacob Trouba:

Because of this, Crosby had to sit out the sixth game of the series, which the Penguins lost last night (5-3)

Today, there is something new.

As Pittsburgh prepares for its most important game of the year (tomorrow's game seven), Crosby is back on the ice and he looks great!

He's practicing with his team, for the optional workout, and participating in drills, drills.

Which is very promising for his presence tomorrow.

He was probably the best player in the playoffs so far and he was playing great hockey. His return would be huge.

See the pictures of the day:

Crosby in action during drills:

This is a major development, but beware, it doesn't mean he'll be in uniform tomorrow. We have no confirmation of that.

More details will follow!
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Major development regarding Sidney Crosby Ahead of game 7

Who will win game 7?

Pitsburgh if Crosby plays16445.8 %
Rangers12133.8 %
Pitsburgh without Crosby7320.4 %
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