Major Statement on Logan Mailloux and his Future with the Montreal Canadiens

Published July 30, 2023 at 9:39

When the Canadiens selected David Reinbacher fifth overall in the most recent NHL draft, many team fans were frustrated as the organization has many good young defensive prospects.

But with the arrival of the young Austrian prospect to the team, the Canadiens might very well have one of the best defensive brigades in the NHL in a few years. As reported by Nicolas Desrosiers, from the website, a former scout of the organization made a quite audacious statement.

Grant McCagg, who has worked for the Canadiens and is very active on Twitter, revealed his top 5 prospects in the organization, and surprisingly, there are three defenders at the top: Logan Mailloux, David Reinbacher, and Lane Hutson.

So far, nothing surprising as we know that the Canadiens have a better stock of defensive prospects than forwards, but afterwards, he made quite a statement about the three young backs.

"Could Mailloux, Reinbacher, and Hutson become the best trio of defensemen since Robinson, Savard, and Lapointe?"

The three youngsters compared to the Big Three? Really?

Well, firstly he didn't compare them directly to the other three Canadiens legends. He wondered if Hutson, Reinbacher, and Hutson could become a solid trio on defense.

But imagine if this scenario ever became reality in the future?

And we haven't even talked about Kaiden Guhle or even Justin Barron.

Obviously, we're still a long way from such a scenario, but it's nice to see that the future looks promising for the Canadiens, especially among defensemen.
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Major Statement on Logan Mailloux and his Future with the Montreal Canadiens

In your opinion, which of the three young prospects has the best chance of winning the Norris Trophy one day?

Lane Hutson35741.3 %
Logan Mailloux29734.3 %
David Reinbacher21124.4 %
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