Major Statement Regarding Shane Wright and Will Smith

Published June 17, 2023 at 2:49 PM

In the last few minutes, former Montreal Canadiens scout, Grant McCagg, made an interesting statement about Will Smith and young Shane Wright.

Let's remember that Smith is, according to rumors, a big target for Kent Hughes in view of the 2023 National Hockey League Draft.

"What worries me about Smith is that I haven't seen a single forward on the four conference finalist teams in the playoffs who plays like him. Very skillful for sure, but with little regard at this stage for the competition away from the puck in my opinion (very average defensively and away from the puck). To me, there's really a risk taking him in the top 5."

"I had similar concerns about Wright and I'm still not convinced that either will be a center in the NHL. Maybe they can transform their games enough to adapt, but it's not easy playing a role among the NHL's top two centers you HAVE to work." - Grant McCagg

An interesting viewpoint. However, we must admit that even if Smith does not become a center in the NHL, for the Montreal Canadiens who already have the services of Nick Suzuki and Kirby Dach, it wouldn't be a catastrophe.

And you, do you see similarities between Shane Wright and Will Smith?

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Major Statement Regarding Shane Wright and Will Smith

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