Logan Mailloux is a victim of misunderstanding in the media, and that makes people react

Published August 13, 2022 at 9:34

The case of Logan Mailloux is a complex one. Beyond his abilities on the ice, the off-ice aspect must be considered.

Back in July, however, Montreal Canadiens director of player development Rob Ramage had some good words about the young man.

"The Montreal Canadiens feel like he's done the work that's needed. He wouldn't be here (at development camp) if he hadn't."

"It will become a footnote for him. It's always going to be with him and he knows full well that, like me, it's always going to be there - On the other hand, it's what he does today and in the future that matters from here on out." - Rob Ramage

During his appearance on 91.9 Sports this Thursday, Nicolas Cloutier of TVA Sports mentioned that Mailloux was the most overrated prospect on the Habs. You can listen to his comment here.

"I understand that there aren't a lot of defensemen of that size, and with individual skills like that. I agree that his athleticism is super nice, but wow... He's a little lost on the ice, Logan Mailloux! - Nicolas Cloutier

Nicolas, however, wanted to clarify everything on Twitter this Friday :

To clarify: I'm intrigued by Mailloux's potential, but I find some of the comparisons that have surfaced, particularly with Brent Burns, to be overblown. And the sample size is too small to get carried away at this point in my opinion.

In the same show, but this Friday, we heard a completely different comment about the young defender. This time, it was Anthony Martineau's turn to weigh in on the youngster, and for him, he's far from overrated.

Martineau doesn't understand how a player with skills like Logan Mailloux's can be overrated. Mailloux has a great wrist shot, excellent hands, skates very well and has a lot of confidence. However, he agrees with Cloutier that Mailloux often gets spread out on the ice and is sometimes out of position. The analyst doesn't see the problem other than his overconfidence, which may bother some. However, it would be surprising if it bothered Martin St-Louis who would have to slow him down and not push him...

The Habs still have a year to decide whether or not to sign Mailloux. If they don't sign him, the organization will be compensated by a second draft pick. Logan will play the next season, a complete one this time, in London and will have the opportunity to play very big minutes. We will see after this season if he will have earned a contract in the NHL...

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Logan Mailloux is a victim of misunderstanding in the media, and that makes people react

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