Logan Mailloux in Laval to complete the season?

Published January 20, 2022 at 8:59 PM

Young defenseman Logan Mailloux, who is currently playing for the London Knights, has been very successful since his return to play. In just three meetings, the Habs' prospect already has five points, including three goals.

It must be said that it is surprising to see the 31st overall pick at the 2021 Entry Draft being so successful following its suspension. Mailloux had not played in a game for a long time and it would have been normal to see him looking for his bearings.

However, the opposite happens since the right-handed defender is simply dominant on the rink.

If Mailloux continues in his stride and once again demonstrates his superiority both at the offensive and defensive levels, he could well land his first professional contract with the CH very soon.

Grant McCagg launched that on Twitter earlier on Thursday. The journalist even considered the option of Mailloux coming to Laval to complete his season with the Rocket.

Much like Cole Caufield, the London Knights' defenceman could join the ranks of the Rocket when his season is completed in the OHL.

Mailloux is certainly physically ready from the top of his six feet and three inches and it would be interesting to make him take some experience in the professional leagues, as he is only 18 years old.

Patience will certainly be required, but it will be interesting to see how Kent Hughes and the CH staff manage this player.
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