Josh Anderson sends a clear message to the new Habs management

Published January 20, 2022 at 5:27 PM

Now that the Montreal Canadiens have a new general manager, it could be a few weeks before any deals are made. Once Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton have completed their analysis of all the players they have on hand, we shouldn't be surprised if there is a lot of movement in Montreal.

Among the players likely to jump ship according to rumors, Josh Anderson's name has surfaced. However, this does not seem to be the wish of the main interested party. When asked about it, the number 17 of the Tricolore was very clear: "I like it here in Montreal. I signed a long-term contract for a reason and it's to stay and win here in Montreal."

Anderson, 27, could be an interesting trade chip on the market. There aren't many six-foot-three, 227-pound wingers in the NHL who are as fast as he is and who can score goals on a regular basis.

However, his current contract has a no-trade clause. He must submit a list of 8 teams to which he refuses to be traded. This could make it more difficult for Gorton and Hughes.

Would you like to see Josh Anderson stay with the Tricolore?
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