Bob McKenzie gives update on the enigmatic Shane Wright!

Published January 20, 2022 at 3:34 PM

The Montreal Canadiens are very likely to have a high first-round draft pick this year. They may even be the first team to speak at the microphone.

The popular choice is that the first name to be called in the 2022 draft will be center Shane Wright.

Before this season, it was almost certain that Wright would be selected at the very top of the draft. However, doubts have begun to creep into the minds of NHL scouts as Wright has not lived up to the expectations placed on him this season.

The number 51 had 31 points, including 12 goals, in 25 games with the Kingston Frontenacs. He also played two games with Canada's junior team before the World Junior Hockey Championships were cancelled and left people hungry for more. He had only one assist, even though he was the team's first center and had some interesting opportunities to produce offensively.

Bob McKenzie, a well-known hockey expert, was not very reassuring about Wright when he revealed his list of top prospects for the draft. The TSN analyst consulted 10 NHL scouts who gave him insight into Shane Wright's potential.

Of those, only one does not rank Shane Wright at the very top.

"Wright was excellent at the World Under-18 last year, but it was a very small sample size. I have concerns about his lack of dominance this season. To me, Miroshnichenko has more potential."

See the rest of the scouts' comments on Wright:

"I think [Wright's] performance in the first half of the season has left the door open for someone to dethrone him."

"The No. 1 spot is definitely not won."

"His commitment has been good, but his production has been disappointing given the expectations."

"Overall, I could say that [Wright] is an above-average prospect, but he's not living up to what you would think of as a No. 1 pick."

"He didn't play with enough urgency or determination."

"He hasn't carried his team on his shoulders and hasn't been competitive enough in battles for the puck. He really needs to step it up in the second half of the season."

"Just about right in my observations."

"His performances have not been special in any way."

"He doesn't have much energy in his game right now."

"He has not played with the vigor or passion to score as he has in past years."

"If he plays like he did last year in Texas [at the Under-18 Worlds], he'll be the No. 1 player."

One thing we can take away from these analyses? The number one rank is far from assured for the Canadian center...

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