Guillaume Latendresse gave an interesting advice to Dominique Ducharme

Jeff Drouin
January 20, 2022  (1:31 PM)

During their most recent appearance on 98.5 FM yesterday, the two former Habs players Guillaume Latendresse and Maxim Lapierre took the opportunity to talk about the Montreal Canadiens.

They talked about the nomination of Kent Hughes, but they also talked about Dominique Ducharme. They like the work of "DD" so far, but they also believe that the head coach must prove to the organization that he is the right man behind the bench.
However, Guillaume Latendresse also admitted that Ducharme is having a hard time keeping the screws on some veterans, including Mike Hoffman. Number 68 has received a total of three lazy penalties in the last two games. And yet, Hoffman never skips his turn on the power play.
Yes, the power play is his specialty, but there should be no favoritism. Not working? You shouldn't be playing. We agree, Hoffman has never been known for his work ethic...
"What I don't like is when I look at Mike Hoffman, who played 14 minutes yesterday, power play, two penalties... [...] At some point, I'll have to take a look at him. [...] At some point, it's there. It's just that I think you have to put your foot down as a coach and say, 'You know what, this isn't working, stay on the bench, 14 minutes is too much. Poehling has nine minutes, the other one has 14, we're going to give ice cream to those who want it.' I think that's where we need to tighten the screws on Dominique Ducharme's side to regain control of the locker room and show that he's the leader." - Guillaume Latendresse
Let's not forget that Ducharme did not hesitate to leave Joel Armia on the bench a few times. It might be time to send the same kind of message to Hoffman. There are some youngsters who would be happy to get some quality ice time at five-on-five.
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