Lane Hutson made a major revelation about his future with the Canadiens

Published February 4, 2023 at 12:41

I don't know how to describe Lane Hutson's performance this season. The young man is amazing and it's unbelievable that he was able to slide all the way to the 62nd pick in the draft last July.

Again yesterday, the 18 year old American had a very big night of work, as he got four points. This brings his record to 35 points in only 25 games.

Need I remind you that he is a defenseman, but more importantly, he is a rookie in the league?

To give you an idea of how dominant he is, here are the best productions from defenders, in their first season in the league, in the history of the NCAA.


As you can see, with a production rate of 1.40 per game, Hutson is at the top of the list, which is absolutely incredible!

He has a better first season than exceptional defensemen like Brian Leetch, Adam Fox, Adam Werenski and Luke Hughes.

If Hutson were to continue his college journey for another season next year, Hutson has one goal in mind for his future.

Marc Dumont of Montreal Hockey Now had a chance to speak with the Canadiens prospect and what he had to say is very exciting for CH fans.

"I look forward to nothing more than one day wearing that Montreal Canadiens jersey." - Lane Hutson


We can safely say that all Habs fans are looking forward to seeing him don the Tricolore jersey very soon as well.

In his excitement to join the Habs soon, the Boston University Dman remains realistic. Until his goal is reached, he will not slow down. He admits that he wants to take his time to develop in the NCAA.

"Right now, I'm focused on the present and my team. I haven't thought about going pro yet. I've been focused on improving my game and staying in the moment. Our goal is to win it all." - Lane Hutson

Time is the most beneficial thing in his development. The only reason he slipped in the draft is because of his small frame. Yet, in just over six months, Hutson has already gained two more inches and an additional 10 pounds. He is now listed at 5-foot-10 and 161 pounds according to the reputable site

One more season in the NCAA will possibly allow him to gain another ten pounds, which will greatly help his transition to the NHL.

However, for those who don't know him, Hutson's size is far from a flaw in his on-ice skills. He always finds a way to make an impact, both defensively and offensively.

Lane Hutson's future is quite exciting in a Habs uniform. According to the predictions of Byron Bader's tool, which is used by NHL teams, he has a serious potential to become a star player in the National League one day.

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Lane Hutson made a major revelation about his future with the Canadiens

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