Kyle Beach case: Marc Bergevin flees the media like the plague...

Published October 28, 2021 at 6:02 PM

Arpon Basu, a reporter for The Athletic, mentioned today that Marc Bergevin has refused to meet with the media to discuss the Kyle Beach case.

The journalist understands that Marc Bergevin does not want to comment on a file in which he was not involved, but he finds it ordinary that the general manager lacks humanism on this subject. According to him, the only way to make progress and make a difference is to talk about it.

Remember that Marc Bergevin was the director of personnel for the Blackhawks in 2010. His role was to look after all the players at the professional and minor level, including Kyle Beach. However, Bergevin was apparently unaware of the events surrounding Kyle Beach, even though he was not mentioned in the investigation report.

Bergevin probably wanted to protect himself, by refusing any meetings with the media. He knows that he would be grilled if he were to talk about this hot potato...
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