Kotkaniemi realizes that the CH was not so far off

Published November 11, 2021 at 12:26

Jesperi Kotkaniemi is having far from a good start to the season after the monstrous deal Don Waddell offered him last August. The former Habs player is unable to justify his $6.1 million salary so far, as he's experiencing a similar situation as when he was in Montreal.

Since the opening of the 2021-22 calendar, "KK", just like when he was with the Tricolore, is walking from one chair to another as they try to find the spark. Rod Brind'Amour is no different than Claude Julien and Dominique Ducharme because he too is moving him around in his lineup.

Then, just like with the Blue-White-Red, he doesn't play a lot of minutes, which doesn't give reason to those who were complaining about his usage time with the CH...

Currently, he is heading towards a 22-point season as he finds himself on a top team. Brind'Amour is just not able to find teammates and chemistry for the Finn.

All for $6.1 million. Heck, the Canes and Waddell may have broken Kotkaniemi's confidence, which could significantly hurt his development. It's sad...
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