Jake Allen got harshly criticized on the set of JiC

Published November 11, 2021 at 10:17

Wednesday night, Patrick Lalime and Mathieu Chouinard met on the set of JiC, via TVA Sports, to discuss the Jake Allen file. Allen plays the role of number 1 goaltender in the absence of Carey Price, and then we realize that this chair is not for him, unfortunately.

When analyzing Allen's performances, it's easy to see a lack of confidence, a goalie who plays deep into his net and a masked man who always gives away the extra goal to keep his team in the game. But, also, he clearly doesn't have confidence in his defensive squad... which doesn't have the efficiency of last year.

But JiC went further on him, indicating that Allen lacks the talent to back up the Montreal Canadiens' current defense.

"I've come to the conclusion that Jake Allen doesn't have enough talent to cart this defense around," said JiC.

Yes, Jake Allen is being criticized publicly, but that is also a reality about him. We're not saying he's rotten, but that he doesn't have the talent to plug the mistakes of this wimpy defense. He's just not Carey Price. He's Jake Allen, a number 1B goalie, if not a good number 2.
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