Kent Hughes' press conference : divorce papers between Montreal and Jeff Petry are now ready

Published February 18, 2022 at 9:59

It was a very busy day yesterday for the Montreal Canadiens' organization, while GM Kent Hughes gave a very transparent press conference.

He confirmed that Ben Chiarot will be in another uniform by the trade deadline.

Another topic that caused a lot of reaction (again) is Jeff Petry. First see what Hughes had to say about him, as reported by Luc Gélinas:

«Jeff Petry, if we can find a team to make a trade that works for them and for us, we will do it." -Kent Hughes

A statement that says a lot and confirms many things. Hughes was so direct, it even surprised a few:

"Here is the problem: if you name names and these individuals are not traded [...] The problem with that, is for the player, his family, the players of the team, everyone expects that. It creates uncertainty, concerns, and if ultimately the player is not traded, that's a problem." - Guy Boucher

As the excellent Marc-André Perreault of TVA Sports said, «clearly, the divorce papers between Montreal and Jeff Petry are ready, all that remains is to sign them."

Plus, yesterday, Petry was invited to comment on these very direct comments from his GM, in front if the media, and he refused to talk to the media.

One thing is certain, Hughes' comments are REALLY different from Marc Bergevin's "I don't talk about these things publicly".

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