Kent Hughes' huge statement about Carey Price

Published January 27, 2022 at 4:45 PM

According to TVA Sports, the Habs GM Kent Hughes revealed that Carey Price was an untouchable for the Montreal Canadiens.

Many rumors have surfaced in the last few days about a potential rebuild of the Tricolore, but for now, it doesn't seem to be the case. With Carey Price in front of the net, it will be impossible to have a rebuilding team.

"Carey Price is untouchable because he is so important to the organization. He's been the most important player for a decade and he has a no-trade clause. So the first question to answer is where he stands health-wise. He's got some issues with his knee and there are still some answers to go after," said Kent Hughes.

Then, the boss revealed that it was not in the plans to buy out the heavy contract of the goalie in the near future.

"I can't answer that right now, but I don't think so."

That means that until further notice, Carey Price is still part of the organization's plans. He's not going anywhere, at least not for now...

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