Kent Hughes has now addressed the Shea Weber file

Published May 1, 2022 at 11:22

As the Montreal Canadiens' regular season is officially over, it's time to take stock.

The players, and some of the executives, took to the microphone yesterday, and today we have the opportunity to look back on some important issues.

In particular, the case of Shea Weber. A case that is much talked about and that was finally addressed yesterday by Kent Hughes.

Hughes reminded us (once again) that a return to the game, for Weber, is very very uncertain. Obviously, he can not announce anything officially, for reasons of insurance and NHL rules, but his words spoke volumes.

As for Weber's silence this season, and the captain's constant refusal to speak to the media (and the fans), GM Kent Hughes said that Weber is not yet comfortable speaking out on the matter himself.

Basically, Shea Weber is afraid of "getting into trouble" by answering media questions and revealing information that he shouldn't.

He doesn't want to have to watch what he says. The organization has asked him, a few times, and he has always said, "no, I don't want to give interviews or press briefings."

As for the comments and criticism of the last few days, with the tribute to Guy Lafleur, Kent Hughes does not believe that the criticism for the absence of the captain in the entourage of the Habs is justified.

Hughes adds that Weber remains a man highly respected by the players and the Tricolore organization.

Other things to remember:

- We got our answer: Yes, Weber will extend his stay in town a bit and he will be in Montreal for Guy Lafleur's funeral.

- The CH wants to name a new captain for next season and will wait until the end of the summer before making a choice. (to see the complete picture of the team, after the draft and the free agents)

- Kent Huges will try (again) to trade Shea Weber's contract this summer and he expects to succeed. The Arizona Coyotes immediately come to mind here.

For the full press briefing from the GM:

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Kent Hughes has now addressed the Shea Weber file

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