Discomfort during the press conference of Alexander Romanov

Published May 1, 2022 at 9:41

Yesterday, we witnessed a small discomfort during the press conference of young Alexander Romanov.

The fullback first answered a few questions, in a good mood and with his usual charisma, notably about his ambitions for next season and Romy also took the opportunity to praise the work of guys like David Savard, whom he seems to really appreciate.

He also added that he would like to improve the offensive side of his game for next year and that he will stay here (and in the USA) this summer to train.

Also, he knows that he will have to renew his contract eventually, but his intentions are clear: he loves Montreal and he wants to play here as long as possible.

"I want to play my whole career in Montreal" - Romanov

Finally, at the end of the interview, a reporter asked Alexander Romanov, during his season review, if he was going to participate in the World Hockey Championship next month.

Or at least, if he had received an invitation to go and represent his country.

But, as you know, for reasons we know well, Russians are excluded.

Discomfort. It gave a little cold:

Please note that the goal here is not to comment on an important social issue or to ridicule the journalist's work, but only to raise an interesting and unusual fact that came out of yesterday's press briefing.

For the complete press briefing of Romanov, with its translator:

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Discomfort during the press conference of Alexander Romanov

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