Kent Hughes has just announced an important news concerning Carey Price

Published July 4, 2022 at 9:24 PM

Today, the general manager of the Montreal Canadiens held a much anticipated press conference and Kent Hughes agreed to discuss many important issues.

He obviously talked about the 2022 draft, which is this week, but he also touched on a few other important issues, including the future of Carey Price.

Hughes still didn't have a big announcement to make regarding his star goalie, but he did announce some very important news: Carey Price will not need another surgery.

Remember that it was a worrying option that was raised at the end of the season, and Carey himself admitted that he might have to have surgery (again), but according to Kent Hughes' words, we can forget about it.

"General manager Kent Hughes says he has no word on Carey Price's future (he can't confirm whether he'll play next year or not), but he did say that Price doesn't need another surgery, he doesn't need another surgery." - Priyanta Emrith

This is important news. Recall that this past weekend, Price mentioned that he will make his decision at the end of the summer.

In a press conference today, Hughes said (jokingly) that when Carey makes his famous decision, he will do a special press briefing for the occasion and answer any questions.

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Kent Hughes has just announced an important news concerning Carey Price

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