Patrick Roy drops a grenade at the very end of a press briefing

Published July 4, 2022 at 7:00 PM

It was finally today that Patrick Roy announced his decision as to whether or not he would return to the Quebec Remparts for the upcoming season.

The verdict is in:

His decision to return is perfectly logical with what we were hearing. (and with what the excellent Stéphane Turcot, from TVA, was hearing) He will indeed be back as GM, but also as head coach of the Quebec Remparts.

He will be back next year, but for the following year, nothing is assured.


As reported by the excellent journalist Mikaël Lalancette, from Le Soleil, Patrick Roy took many by surprise at the end of the press conference with a powerful statement. (and Remparts president Jacques Tanguay added another layer)

At the very end of the press briefing, Patrick Roy drops a grenade, saying that officiating in the #QMJHL doesn't make sense. "We need a change. Maybe we need a new voice," he said, referring to director of officiating Richard Trottier.

He was speaking as an executive who was genuinely concerned about the poor quality of officiating, in the QMJHL, in general. Roy and Tanguay even suggested solutions to fix the problem in the long run. (like better formations)

It will be really interesting to see the impact of such a public release.

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Patrick Roy drops a grenade at the very end of a press briefing

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