Kent Hughes could bring a former player behind the bench

Published January 27, 2022 at 10:59

Kent Hughes is doing a little media tour today as he went «virtually» to 91.9 Sports and 98.5 Sports. He certainly talked about the Weber file, but I don't think that was the most talked about.

What I retain is his speech about the leadership that a coach must bring. Hughes pointed to Rod Brind'Amour, perhaps showing a small desire to replace his head coach, Dominique Ducharme.

Did he mean that Ducharme did not have the necessary leadership? No idea, I do not want to put words in his mouth, but... Here! So read his words about Captain Rod, you'll understand.

«Initially, a coach must be a leader. There are different leadership styles, but I can give the example of a guy like Rod Brind'Amour in Carolina. The players follow what he says. He is respected. There is communication and training. I am one of those who think that even in the National League, players continue to develop. That is part of the coach's responsibilities," said Hughes.

Brind'Amour, what a career, what a man, what a passionate and what an incredible leader. This sequence of him marked my life and confirmed to me that this individual was special:

That said, will Hughes opt to bring a former player behind the bench of his Canadiens, like the Roy, for example? We're talking here...
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