Kent Hughes about to hit a home run for the 2022 NHL Draft?

Published July 1, 2022 at 8:08 PM

For several weeks, this famous 2022 draft has been the subject of much speculation and rumors. (some far-fetched, some more credible)

Now that we are only a few days away from the long awaited day, everything is intensifying.

The rumor of the moment is a very interesting one and it was revealed by a certain Pierre LeBrun. We are talking about a very reputable journalist with excellent sources.

Since it comes from him, we have to take it seriously.

Kent Hughes about to hit a home run?

According to information from a few informants, including Pierre LeBrun, the New Jersey Devils would like to make a trade with the CH, to reverse their first round picks. It would go something like this:

TO MONTREAL: Second overall pick (Shane Wright) ++

TO NEW JERSEY: First overall pick (Juraj Slafkovsky)

As for the "++", the Devils could possibly add a young player, a prospect, or draft picks.

Why such a trade? Because the Devils would absolutely want to draft Slafkovsky. They don't want Wright, because they absolutely don't need another young center. (They already have Nico Hischier, Jack Hughes and Pavel Zacha)

On the other side, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton would love Slafkovsky, but would be perfectly comfortable with the idea of finishing with Shane Wright.

Even according to Grant McCagg, Wright would possibly be their new favorite (again) :

"Last night, a scout told me that the scouts he knows prefer Slafkovsky, but that he's hearing that "the Canadiens are now considering Wright."

Imagine the home run and the masterstroke if Hughes gets everyone to believe he's going to take Slafkovsky, so he can trade his pick to the Devils (for the second overall pick and another solid youngster) and he ends up with Shane Wright + a free bonus.

Remember that the Devils would absolutely want Slafkovsky (Wright and Logan Cooley are both centers)

So it would look like this:

TO MONTREAL: Second overall pick (Shane Wright) + One draft pick + Another good youngster (goalie MacKenzie Blackwood, maybe?)

TO NEW JERSEY: First overall pick (Juraj Slafkovsky)

We'd be surprised if this actually happens, but let's remember that this is coming from Pierre LeBrun and that in the end, the important thing (in our opinion) is to come out of this draft with Shane Wright.

If we can get a young Devils player as a bonus, why not? If Kent Hughes is really making everyone believe that he wants Slafkovsky, only to fool New Jersey, that's genius.

Basically, LeBrun thinks that Hughes and Gorton are trying to force the Devils to pay top dollar for a top draft pick.

According to LeBrun, talking about the second pick rather than the very first (with compensation) is not an idea that the CH would be closed to.

July 1   |   280 answers
Kent Hughes about to hit a home run for the 2022 NHL Draft?

How would you like to see Kent Hughes trade the 1st overall pick to the Devils for the 2nd overall pick and a nice bonus (like goalie Blackwood)

Yes, if it allows us to draft Shane Wright22981.8 %
No I want Slafkovsky5118.2 %
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