Journalist close to the Canadiens is worried about Carey Price

Published September 30, 2021 at 10:24

Marc-André Perreault was on the podcast La Dose, hosted by the excellent JP Bertand, where Carey Price was discussed... Yesterday, Dominique Ducharme painted a picture about his starting goalie, saying that Price had to take a break from practice, but that the plan was still the same: for him to be the starter in the first game of the season.

Can you believe that? As Perreault wisely pointed out when he appeared on Bertrand's show. This is VERY worrisome. This issue is of great concern to Perreault, who has been following the Habs for several years. The plan to keep him for one game before the season most likely won't happen. So the chances of Jake Allen starting the season are becoming more and more plausible and logical.

The Montreal Canadiens should instead prepare fans by explaining that Price may not start the campaign as they want to ensure a 100% return. If he comes back too quickly, and leaves as quickly as he came back, his absence could be spread out over several months...

How many times has the organization stuck its head in the sand about Carey Price's health? Since the surgery on July 23, I've been worried since the #31 has a meaty injury history. His body is just as hurt as Shea Weber's, so it's hard not to doubt about a possibility of him starting the campaign on October 13!
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