Confidence is high at Ben Chiarot

Published September 29, 2021 at 9:27 PM

When Marc Bergevin signed defenseman Ben Chiarot to a contract in the summer of 2019, no one had any idea that he would become one of the team's most important defensemen. Since arriving in Montreal, the former Winnipeg Jets man has played big minutes for the Tricolore and has become almost an indispensable part of this team.

However, his physical play has been the talk of the Bettman circuit. Chiarot is known for giving up a lot of double-checks to his opponents during games and the league mentioned that it would be tougher on that this season.

However, the main interested party was asked if this would affect his game. The answer from number 8 was quite quick. According to him, it won't affect his game at all! And yet, he gives...a lot!

Chiarot was also asked about the feedback from outside the team regarding the upcoming season of the Tricolore. The big defender didn't hesitate to continue his confidence. He said that according to the experts, in every series last year, they were supposed to get swept. So he added that the team doesn't care too much about what people think outside the locker room.

Then he finished by saying that he was here to play and be successful. The players are aware of what's in this locker room and that's all that matters.

In short, we can see that the number 8 of the Tricolore is full of confidence, and this, as much for his game as for his team. With the absence of Shea Weber, players like Chiarot will have to take the reins of this team to hope to be as successful as last year.

Remember that he will be completing the last year of his contract this year. Is he getting ready to negotiate a big pay raise? It would not be surprising!
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