Josh Anderson told an incredible story about Jonathan Drouin

Published September 24, 2021 at 3:13 PM

Jonathan Drouin and Josh Anderson have had a very special bond over the past year. When Anderson was traded to the Canadiens, Jonathan Drouin put him up in his home until he found a place to live. Number 17 seemed really grateful for Drouin at today's media availability.

He took the opportunity to tell a funny story about Drouin when they were living together. According to Anderson, Drouin was a real workout freak, but more specifically a hockey freak, as mentioned by Chantal Machabée in an interview with Jo.

Check out the rest of Anderson's statements about Drouin. Obviously, he really loves his friend.

When asked about Josh Anderson, Dominique Ducharme was not too surprised by the power forward's comments. According to him, Anderson is an exemplary teammate.

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