Josh Anderson shot himself in the foot with one of his comments

Published January 25, 2022 at 11:02

If a soldier from the Montreal Canadiens tried anything on Monday night, it was Josh Anderson, who tried in every way to enhance the club's culture. Number 17 handed out no less than five shoulder hits, while dropping the gloves. Under the circumstances, he did the job!

However, at the microphone, in front of the media following this duel, he tabled a sentence that tickled some of them. Anderson mentioned (believe) that fatigue was a factor in this duel, as the Canadiens have been on the road since January 12.

Yes, you may think so, chatting with your teammates and/or your loved ones, but in front of the journalists and the cameras, you sometimes have to hold back. The worst part is that on Thursday, while the Habs will play at the Bell Centre, the term «fatigue» may also be used. Coming back from such a long journey, it's grueling...

In closing, here is a video that encapsulates the fabric of Monday night's Montreal Canadiens, a bit shaky and intimidated by his opponent.

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